Welcome to the About us page of TUEX Experts in Export.

TUEX CV is a technical trade organization that has been active in Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America since 1884.

EANnummer.nl/eu/com is part of TUEX CV

EAN number is managed by professionals with years of successful experience in foreign trade.

We use our connections in more than twenty countries to provide a tailor-made service, ensuring that each customer has a team that is tailored to his or her needs.

We are big enough to operate internationally, but small enough to treat you like a friend, as we are always ready to listen to our customers and suppliers.

Thanks to our technical background, we can switch faster and offer you a high degree of expertise and service.

Thanks to our many years of experience in various disciplines within and outside the buying and selling process, such as product applications, we are real all-rounders.