Q: Where do our GS1 certified UPC / EAN codes come from?

A: There are UPC / EAN codes from before September 2002 and after, both are registered with GS1 and are therefore accepted as legitimate on all international platforms.

Almost all alternative UPC / EAN code sellers sell the legitimate UPC / EAN codes from before September 2002, after all, there are about 50 billion of them.

Before September 2002, these parcels per 100,000 pieces were distributed almost free of charge to companies supplying goods to the US governments.

Now these packages are again sold relatively cheaply per 100,000 pieces to these alternative sellers by companies that no longer need these UPC / EAN codes for themselves.

The advertised price of e.g. 10 UPC / EAN codes for only 55 Euro per year at GS1 is often incorrect, after all that can easily increase to 10,000 Euro and more due to an accumulation of GS1 rules.

At GS1 you don't buy UPC / EAN codes, you just rent them.

If you stop using GS1, your previous EAN codes will be reissued after one year until January 1, 2019.

If you search on Google for UPC / EAN codes that start with a GS1 country code, you will sometimes find 5 or 6 different products that have the same UPC / EAN numbers.

Using GS1's UPC / EAN numbers can pose a huge potential security risk to your business if you use these numbers to identify production processes, production recipes, storage layouts, personnel and visitor identifiers, security key locations, etc.

After all, it is public information for other GS1 members.

Our CiEANs are much more suitable for these tasks than the EAN codes of GS1 and only cost a fraction of that once.

Q: What information do I have to provide you with?
A: You do not need to provide EANnummer.nl/eu/com with information about the products for which you want to use your UPC/EAN codes. You also do not have to provide turnover data to EANnummer.nl/eu/com. All we need from you is an e-mail address to which the various files can be sent and the (company) data for the VAT invoice and your  Certificate of Ownership

You will automatically encounter the minimum data that we need as input fields during the completion of your order.

Q: How long are your GS1 certified UPC/EAN codes valid for?
A: Infinitely long, after all, our GS1 certified unique UPC/EAN codes can be purchased once for a small amount. After that you can act with your UPC/EAN code at your own discretion, including use, renting out, giving away and inheriting. Our UPC/EAN codes are therefore purchased once and then remain your property forever.

Q: What annual costs do I have and what does a GS1 certified UPC/EAN code cost from you?
A: You buy our GS1 certified UPC/EAN codes for the amount stated with the product. Those are the total costs. There are no further subscription costs, even after a year. You already have two GS1 certified UPC/EAN codes for € 5.95 including VAT.

Not convinced yet? Then just buy 1 or more GS1 certified UPC/EAN codes and a .JPG BAR code image at EANnummer.nl/eu/com, you only pay 1 Euro for each code, but you will not receive a .EPS bar code image and no Certificate of Ownership.

Q: Are there also subscription costs at EANnummer.nl/eu/com?
A: No, you pay the purchase costs as stated with the product once, after which the UPC/EAN codes are your property. There are no annual costs at EANnummer.nl/eu/com.

Q: Do I have to submit turnover data to EANnummer.nl/eu/com?
A: No, we don't need to know this information.

Q: Are the GS1 certified UPC/EAN codes that I receive from EANnummer.nl/eu/com with consecutive numbers?
A: Yes and No, the GS1 certified UPC/EAN codes you receive have the first 12 digits are consecutive, but the 13th digit, the so-called check digit, varies with the result of a complex calculation of the first 12 digits.

Our GS1 registered UPC/EAN codes start with a zero (0).

Q: Are your GS1 certified UPC/EAN numbers really unique?
A: Yes and yes, our UPC/EAN codes are and will remain truly unique, even after your purchase. Our sold UPC/EAN codes are never sold or rented or given to others after delivery to a buyer.

Q: If I place an order at EANnummer.nl/eu/com, what will I receive?
A: If you buy a UPC/EAN code package at EANnummer.nl/eu/com, you will receive, together with your ordered UPC/EAN codes, via a WeTransfer download link, the following files: Your purchased UPC/EAN codes, complete with the check digit, in a .TXT file so that you can easily read them in your business software or in your Excel or Word files. You will also receive the BAR code images in which your UPC/EAN codes are processed, in JPG and EPS format, your VAT account and a personal Certificate of Ownership which also contains all your personal UPC/EAN codes, both files are in PDF format. .

Q: If I want to receive a DYMO label printer file in addition to my purchased UPC/EAN, what will it cost?
A: You can find this option directly with your UPC/EAN code order or separately at the DYMO tab.

Q: Are there any BAR code formats or extensions other than .JPG and .EPS possible?
A: In consultation we can also supply you with the UPC/EAN code files in other extensions. The barcode files can be converted into other extensions, but keep in mind that BAR codes (barcodes) must meet certain conditions (including dimensions) in order to be scannable.

Q: I have an item in multiple colors and sizes that I want to sell on bol.com, how many UPC/EAN codes do I need?
A: For each product and each product variation you need 1 UPC/EAN code. For example, if you sell footballs in 4 colors and each color in 4 different sizes, then you need 16 different UPC/EAN codes.

Q: When I have received the UPC/EAN codes, how do I know for which article I should use which UPC/EAN code?
A: You do not have to notify EANnummer.nl/eu/com for which products you will be using your UPC/EAN codes. You can enter this as you wish. We recommend that you use the UPC/EAN codes in all your administrations right from the start, such as your web shop system, stock and warehouse system.

Q: I once used a UPC/EAN code for an item but this item is sold out. Can I now also use that UPC/EAN code for another (new) article?
A: In principle, you are free to use the UPC/EAN codes you have purchased for the products you want. However, we do not recommend it, but it is possible, the UPC/EAN codes are your property. However, many online stores do not allow the reuse of UPC/EAN codes. If you ever add a UPC/EAN code and associated product to the database of e.g. Bol.com or Amazon added, you can no longer change the category and product title, but you can change the description. So don't do this, because online stores don't like such smarts that disrupt their database.

Q: Can I start immediately?
A: After receiving the UPC/EAN code related files you can start selling immediately. You do not need to register your UPC/EAN codes anywhere. You can link your UPC/EAN codes to your products as you see fit.

Q: Can I try 1 UPC/EAN code or 1 BAR code at EANnummer.nl/eu/com?
A: At EANnummer.nl/eu/com you can always test out UPC/EAN codes and / or BAR codes at an affordable price. We ask you to state your company details when purchasing so that we know who is requesting the UPC/EAN number and for your VAT account.

You can order advantageous UPC/EAN codes for € 1 each via the EANnummer.nl/eu/com webshop. After paying for your order, we will send the UPC/EAN code (s), with the Bar code image there, via WeTransfer.

Q: How does converting a UPC/EAN code into BAR code?
A: If you already have UPC/EAN codes purchased elsewhere, we can convert them into a barcode image using our conversion program.

Q: Can I also have a BAR code made of an ISBN number at you?
A: This is also possible. You can order the desired number of ISBN BAR code images in our webshop,  EANnummer.nl/eu/com, and we will request from you the ISBN codes to be converted and convert them into an ISBN BAR code image. After conversion, you will receive these ISBN BAR codes by e-mail. EANnummer.nl/eu/com does nothing at all with your ISBN numbers

Q: Can I only use UPC/EAN codes registered with GS1 at Bol.com and Amazon?
A: Yes, there is no way around that. All our UPC/EAN numbers are registered with GS1.

Q: I once bought several UPC/EAN codes directly from GS1, but now I also need the BAR code images, can I have them made through you?
A: Yes, this is not a problem. We can make a BAR code from any UPC/EAN code. You can order the desired number of BAR codes in our webshop EANnummer.nl/eu/com, and we will request the UPC/EAN codes to be converted from you and convert them into a BAR code image. After conversion you will receive these BAR codes by e-mail. EANnummer.nl/eu/com does nothing at all with your UPC/EAN codes.

Q: I once bought multiple UPC/EAN codes directly from GS1 but now I want to get rid of their absurdly high annual costs. Can I now purchase the same UPC/EAN codes via EANnummer.nl/eu/com?
A: No, that's not possible, after all, every local GS1 uses its own country code as the start of their own UPC/EAN codes and our UPC/EAN codes certified at GS1.org have the neutral zero (0) as the starting digit, so it is not it is immediately clear to your competitors in which country your product is made or offered, which is useful if your country is affected by a boycott.

If you stop paying to your local GS1, you will also lose access to your local UPC/EAN codes, as you do not own their UPC/EAN codes but you are only their tenant. A fortunate extra is that since January 1, 2019, the local GS1 branch, partly under pressure from companies such as EANnummer.nl/eu/com, is no longer allowed to rent out your old UPC/EAN codes to a new owner after 1 year, so that your old numbers and their products, are no longer "available" in the local GS1 database but can still be found through Google.

At EANnummer.nl/eu/com you are 100% owner of your GS1 certified UPC/EAN codes.