Returning and canceling digital products that are delivered via email by

After completing the order, registration and payment, will send you a 7-day valid download link by WeTransfer.

With this you can download the following files: A list with the EAN codes you have purchased (in .TXT format), their BARcodes in .JPG and .EPS format (that are the barcode images), your VAT receipt and your personal Certificate of Ownership, both in PDF format.

NOTE: After opening the above download link, cancellation or return is no longer possible. After all, this is a product that has been uniquely composed for you and that legally falls under services, so after opening the download link, the same product can no longer be sold to others.

If you wish to cancel the order, this is only possible if you let us know by email within 7 days of receipt of the download link in your mailbox.

After checking and approval, we will refund the amount paid by you to the same account within 14 days at the latest. For verification, you must provide us with the account number and name of that account, together with your cancellation order.

We will confirm receipt of your cancellation by e-mail.

There are no costs for you to cancel and refund your order.