What are CiEANs(TM)?

You can find an application example of a CiEAN(TM) in your supermarket. If you weigh fruit or vegetables or other unpackaged products on a customer scale, you will receive a sticker that you must stick on the packaging. The EAN code on this sticker is a CiEAN(TM).

CiEANs(TM) is the abbreviation for "Company-internal EAN numbers"

Our 8 and 13 digit CiEANs(TM) follow the code structure of the EAN codes of GS1.

Just like with GS1 codes, our codes are also convertible and scannable as BAR and QR codes, but are only intended for internal use in organizations.

Like all other EANs, our CiEANs(TM) also start with a 3-digit start code.

At GS1, a number of these start codes serve as country and service codes, so you cannot use these start codes for your CiEANs(TM).

You will find the list with the starting codes available with us HERE.

The big advantage of using our CiEANs(TM) is that they are 100% anonymous and private, in contrast to the standard EANs that are included in an externally accessible GS1 database.

The disadvantage that at CiEANs(TM) you have no guarantee on codes that are also used elsewhere, is small, after all the start codes can be freely selected for everyone, but a double CiEAN(TM) will not happen so quickly because with a 13-digit CiEAN(TM) series there are 10 billion CiEANs(TM) possible behind each start code.

We issue the 13 digit CiEANs(TM) behind each start code uniquely so that e.g. at your dealer, if you link your CiEANs(TM) to spare parts, no duplication occurs.

We cannot give this guarantee with our 8 digit CiEANs(TM), as they can only be delivered in packages of up to 10,000 pieces.

Our CiEANs(TM) are very cheap, once from approx. €1, - for 5 CiEANs(TM) and €159.95 to €199.95 for 250,000 CiEANs(TM)

Our CiEANs(TM) are also supplied to you without the high annual membership fee, rent or annual turnover fee of GS1.

Our CiEANs(TM) are useful because they can be assigned by you, by means of your proprietary codes, to departments, scales, proprietary machines, franchisers, branches, locations, recipes, work processes, projects and an almost infinite number of other applications and business processes.

Another major advantage of CiEANs(TM) over ordinary EANs is the fact that they are internally recyclable, are 100% secret from outsiders and can be directly assigned to an application, project or process by an intelligently chosen start code.

Our CiEANs(TM) become the wholly owned property of the purchaser, who can then resell them, lend them, split them into smaller packages, transfer them to dealers or in case of corporate takeover, etc. at their sole discretion.

All our CiEANs(TM), so both the 8-digit and 13-digit CiEANs(TM) can often be converted with various standard Office programs to scannable BAR and QR codes, which can also be read by your standard barcode scanners.

EANnummer.nl/eu/com can also provide this barcode conversion service for you for an additional fee.

At the order button you can choose to have your ordered CiEANs(TM) delivered in 4, 8 or 16 equal parts for an additional payment.

If you have chosen to start all your ordered CiEANs(TM) with the same start code, select one start code here and place it in the question field of the order form.

If you have chosen to divide your ordered CiEANs(TM) evenly over 4, 8 or 16 different start codes, then select your required start codes from this LIST and place them in the question field of the order form.