What is a UPC / EAN code?

UPC / EAN codes are no more than a series of 13 digits, which makes it possible to distinguish all products worldwide.

The long series of numbers offers the possibility to distinguish numerous products, so that it is possible to identify them very specifically.

Our UPC / EAN codes are available in small to large and even very large packages from 1, 2, 50, 100, 250 to even 100,000 official UPC / EAN codes registered with GS1.

A UPC / EAN code always has the same mathematical structure and therefore always has the same format, even if it concerns unique numbers piece by piece.

GS1 registered UPC / EAN codes are increasingly mandatory if you want to sell your products through online platforms such as Bol.com, Amazon and dozens of others.

If you sell your own products or variations on standard products, it is also a good idea to do so using your own UPC / EAN codes.