What makes our CiEANs(TM) so different from an UPC/EAN number or BARcode?

CiEANs(TM) and UPC/EAN numbers are in basic identical square or rectangular images consisting of a series of parallel black lines and white spaces of varying widths and both can be read by a BAR code scanner.

UPC/EAN numbers and BARcodes are applied to products as a means of quick identification. They are also used in retail stores as part of the purchase process and in warehouses to track inventory.

The BIG difference between CiEANs(TM) and a UPC/EAN numbers is that CiEANs(TM) are private, dedicated to a store or company intern functions but UPC/EAN numbers are for public use.

You can find an application example of a CiEAN(TM) in your supermarket. If you weight fruit or vegetables or any other unpackaged products on a customer scale, you will receive a scannable sticker from the scale that you must stick on the packaging. The EAN look-a-like code on this sticker is a CiEAN(TM).

CiEAN(TM) (pronounced as “seeann”),is short for "Company intern EAN" unit, is used by retailers to identify and track spare part inventory, or data stock. A CiEAN(TM) is a unique code consisting of numbers that identify characteristics about each product, such as manufacturer, brand, style, color, and size.

Companies can issue their own unique CiEAN(TM) codes specific to their goods and services they sell. Two companies selling the same item, such as yoga pants, would likely issue two different internal CiEANs(TM).

The purpose of CiEANs(TM) is to help companies more accurately and quickly account for every kind of piece of their inventory. They are different from model numbers, but model numbers can be incorporated into a CiEAN(TM)

if a company so chooses.

Where are CiEANs(TM) mostly used?

You will typically find CiEANs(TM) in use for organizing jobs, like:

Internal Warehouse locations.
Data warehousing logistics.
Data mining catalogs.
Mind mapping projects.
In supermarkets for made to measure products.
Product fulfillment centers for spare parts.
Fulfillment centers for products without UPC/EAN numbers.
Street furniture in cities.
Project building by teams.
Artificial Intelligence projects.
Intelligent Chat boxes.
Password, image and data security for HR.
Entrance control, physical and distance.
Ticketing for events.
Membership administrations.
Certified tools for workers.
Student administrations
Retail store returns.
Remains administration.
Laboratories and forensics numberings.
Scannable Catalog numbers.
Production planning.
Drag-and-drop priorities for manufacturing tasks.
Track the availability of required materials.
Identify delay risks related to material supply lead times.
Accurate expected completion dates.
Get real-time production status overview info from the floor-level.
Real-time inventory control and optimization.
Inventory control of finished products and raw materials.
End-to-end traceability for materials and products with batch tracking.
Track the expiry date of items and stay in control of expiring stock.
Automated inventory transactions.
Control in hand, committed and expected stock amounts in real-time.
Maintain optimal inventory levels using reorder points.
Make accurate manufacturing and purchasing decisions.
Easily manage variants of products and materials.
Manage inventory across multiple warehouses.
Sales order fulfillment.
Track the availability of required products.
Drag-and-drop priorities of customer orders.
Make to order or fulfill from available product stock.
Identify delivery delay risks and reprioritize to meet deadlines.
Sync sales orders from multiple channels into a single dashboard.
Shop floor control for workshop users.
Create, set-up and remove shop floor operators effortlessly.
Tasks received in according to product assembly operations.
Intern and extern manufacturing orders (MO).
Easily re-assign tasks to operators whenever needed.
View MO task and ingredient list for each task in shop floor app.
Start, pause and resume tasks as a shop floor operator direct from the app.
Manufacturing time tracking to evaluate time spent on tasks.
Material consumption tracking and yield reporting.
Add notes to be displayed for related tasks on the shop floor.
Task statuses automatically sent to MRP for efficient integration.
Production recipes.
Purchasing items with long delivery times.
Spare part identifications.
On-time purchasing based on clear material requirements.
Purchase missing raw materials from suppliers.
Track delay risks in the supply chain.
Accurate costing calculations.
Track manufacturing costs based on product recipes and production operations.
Create multi-level product recipes with subassemblies.
Make accurate pricing decisions based on actual product margins.
Integrated with online services.
Sync sales with e-commerce platforms.
Push sales orders to accounting for invoicing.
Keep purchasing in sync with accounting.

Etc., etc. an almost endless list of usability’s but most of them are not open for the public or the competition or short labor staff.

The big advantage of using our CiEANs(TM) is that they are 100% anonymous and private, in contrast to the standard UPC/EANs, who are included in a simple externally accessible GS1 database.

GS1 often say that the disadvantage with CiEANs(TM) is that you have no guarantee that your CiEANs(TM) have the same numbers and also used elsewhere by one of your suppliers or opponents.

That is not true, despite that the start codes can be freely selected by everyone, double CiEAN(TM) will not easily happen because with a 13-digit CiEAN(TM) there are 10 billion CiEANs(TM) possible behind each of the 160 different start codes and we only sell the combination of start codes and numbers only once.

Our CiEANs(TM) are useful because they can be assigned by you, by means of your proprietary codes, to departments, scales, proprietary machines, franchisers, branches, locations, recipes, work processes, projects and an almost infinite number of other applications and business processes.

Another major advantage of CiEANs(TM) over ordinary UPC/EANs is the fact that they are internally recyclable, are 100% secret from outsiders and can be directly assigned to an application, project or process by an intelligently chosen start code.

Our CiEANs(TM) become the wholly owned property of the purchaser, who can then resell them, lend them, split them into smaller packages, transfer them to dealers or in case of corporate takeover, etc. at their sole discretion.

All our CiEANs(TM), so both the 8-digit and 13-digit CiEANs(TM) can often be converted with various standard Office programs to scannable BAR and QR codes, which can also be read by your standard barcode scanners.

EANnummer.nl/eu/com can also provide this barcode conversion service for you for an additional fee.

At the order button you can choose to have your ordered CiEANs(TM) delivered in 4, 8, 16 or 32 (and more) equal parts for an additional payment.

If you have chosen to start all your ordered CiEANs(TM) with the same start code, select one or more start code(s) here and place it in the question field of the order form.

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